What is different about Bison?

The Bison platform is built on public data. PE/VC firms are regulated organizations that have public information scattered across government filings and media reports. Bison acquires over 50,000 news and regulatory publications a month. We parse and organize this information daily into actionable data for our users.

Why is transparent data important?

At Bison, we believe a great dataset starts with trust and that trust stems from transparency. We are committed to presenting data on our platform together with a referenced source and a direct link when possible. Bison data is also individualized, allowing users to identify each underlying data point.

Firm Search

The Firm Search gives you intuitive access to over 4,000 firm profiles. Use filters to map markets of interest, identify relevant comps, and find investment opportunities.


With our Monitor, you can track activity in the firms you care about. Follow firms to learn about funds, managers, and portfolio companies.


Get powerful Analytics with Bison. Create custom benchmarks, analyze performance indicators, and explore the fundraising market.

How can I use Bison?

Limited Partners

Great returns come from proactive analysis. Protect your investments, plan allocations, and identify top performance.

General Partners

Start with competitive intelligence today. Monitor your public reputation, track competitors, and analyze industry data.

Service Providers

Build a funnel for your business. Identify prospects, understand your clients, and learn about industry trends.

Stay on top of PE/VC industry trends

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